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Durobblog:The secrets of …. Actually everything !

Hifi, audio depends partly on “people who know”. Maybe the neighbour, one of your friends or one of those people who once decided to start writing about hifi and now have the title “audio-journalist”. OK, these people (say that) KNOW (about) it. What do they know? And should you care?

The maximum I want to believe is that they know things for themselves. I am willing to learn from them, but I never want(ed) to believe that what they find, they believe, is absolutely valid for me. It might be for a part of it, maybe all of it, maybe nothing. Personally I believe it can be considered as an “indication” and the better you know the neighbour, your friend or the audio- journalist, the more (or less) value his opinion may have for you.

I also always wondered about how people experience what they hear, what they see, what they feel. If you hear music in China it’s quite a bit different from what we are used to hear here. Maybe we see things different , maybe we hear things different, maybe we feel things different. Who knows, who can tell? I was thinking about this today after I received a small joke which I repeat here below.

Try to stretch your eyes with your hands so you look with “Chinese” eyes to the picture above.