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Vanguard Mono PowerAmplifier NIFTY

This equipment is made for: Connoisseurs and music-lovers who are looking for the highest standards of accuracy in music reproduction. For people who appreciate extraordinary quality and service. This philosophy has influenced DaVinciAudio and is expressed also in this Vanguard NIFTY line.

A very special design, 20W, single ended, solid state, class A,  brings a grandiouse musicality. 

It makes sense to match this PowerAmp with a high efficiency loudspeaker (from 92dB). 

The result is stunning!

If you are looking for a Vanguard design with a very high musicality, then Nifty line makes a lot of sense.

(Photo: monoblocks and preamplifier)

Inputs: 1 x RCA (on request XLR available)

Outputs: 1 x loudspeaker 

Dimensions: 190x240x400mm (LxHxD)

Weight : each approx. 30kg


Da Vinci Audio: www.da-vinci-audio.com

Da Vinci Audio  Europe: www.virtu-corner.ch