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If this was the only song written by me … Whiter Shade Of Pale …

Maybe I am not representing the average person in the world, but often I have thought -hearing a song I liked- “if that was the only song written by me, I would have been happy and proud for ever”.

That’s easy to say, if you have tried to play different instruments and never succeeded any of them L. But anyway, that’s what is it is. One of these songs was all time hit “A Whiter Shade Of Pale ”by Procol Harum. I thought of that when I run into a video on YouTube and concluded that sometimes pop music changes into Classical Music. Agree with me (or not), but take a break, and enjoy 5 minutes  listening to Gary Brooker and a whole bunch of other people.

While listening, just imagine that it was YOU having created this song. Wouldn’t you be proud of it?

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