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Audio Research Summer News

Dave Gordon, sales director Audio Research, sent us some important news about different products and issues. Allow me to share that with you here..

Reference 75 Stereo Amplifier

Audio Research will be introducing a Reference 75 stereo amplifier in June. The REF150 has been a terrific success, but some people simply do not need the power it offers, or it is beyond their budget. Offering a hefty 75 WPC and a power supply the same size as the old REF110, it not only sounds great, but it looks great, too. With a chassis the same size as the REF150, the REF75 front panel sports two analog power/bias meters, one for each channel.

The REF75 is already being blogged about with great enthusiasm and you can read more about it here:


The photo is of the prototype; the finished front panel will be much more refined and the knobs will be recessed.

SE Updates

Now, some less pleasant news: because of parts shortages that we are unable to circumvent, we will be unable to provide any SE updates for the REF5 or REF Phono 2 for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that situation will change, but we do not anticipate that happening until this fall. We apologize and are working to overcome this situation, but it is unfortunately beyond our control at this time. We will let you know when the situation changes.

Reference DAC

By the time it begins to ship in late June, the REF DAC will be even more advanced than originally announced, with Kernel streaming and some other processing that will make computer audio people very happy. Full details will be released in a few weeks.