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Dan D’Agostino did it again…

If you follow the scene, you might already know Dan did it again.   I am not pointing now on his new company activity, but on the amplifier model created within this new activity. While started off with the impressive Momentum Mono Amplifiers, the new model is the Momentum Stereo Amplifier. For those of you looking for 2 “watches” on the front, there is only one. Functioning in stereo of course.

We expect to show and demo the new stereo amplifier after summer vacation together with the new Preamplifier. The D’Agostino products are also available in black. For a first class audio reviewer’s opinion, please read about it in Ken Kessler’s review. Ken is experienced in watches, has reviewed already the D’Agostino Momentum Mono Amps and reports now on the Momentum Stereo.

Click here for the review.  

And Krell and Wisseloord as well …

While worldwide the general economic situation is not really healthy, the hi-fi industry is suffering, we could highlight yesterday the gorgeous new stereo power amplifier of Dan D’Agostino. He did it again, we stated.

Today I can mention that Recording Studio Wisseloord in Hilversum ánd electronics manufacturer Krell, did it again. While Wisseloord started off with 5 Krell 400E mono amplifiers, they decided to go for another 5 Krell 400E mono amplifiers in their facilities.

Look here our picture reportage over the manufacturing of a Krell 400e

Read more about Wisseloord here. Wisseloord reports a successful period since their rebuilding and re-opening and hopes to have news soon about adding their own cutting facilities. We will be there to report once these are ready.