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Catch Your Dreams voordat ze Slip Away ...!

It seems like the last few years a worldwide growing group of people and institutes biggest interest is “how to milk other people’s cows”. Let me just mention the most (un)popular ones: banks, politicians, governments. All specialized in dealing with funds and interests of others. Mostly living at highest standards possible, mostly trying to serve best their own interest. The latter quite understandable (that’s human anyway), if it wasn’t so discusting that they often do that with their sincere comments of “all in YOUR interest!”.

So let me advise to stand (enough) for yourself. Don’t just work like an idiot for the future moment of enjoyment of life. That moment will hopefully come, but maybe banks and governments have already by that time confiscated the means you intended to use for your ultimate enjoyment …

So, why I want to tell you to do so in this Blog? Simply because I think that if you LOVE music and music reproduction at home, you should buy yourself NOW a system that makes this possible! If Music For Pleasure isn’t your big hobby, but instead biking is, then go out and buy yourself the superbike you have been dreaming of and for which you actually (still or maybe almost) have the funds on your bank account. If you prefer travelling, go travelling. Or whatever. But DO something that pleases you NOW ánd if possible still in the future.

Your funds might be in other people’s hands if you wait (too long). And next to that, you serve the community and economy which is built -if you like it or not- on “consuming”. If you still believe banks and governments don’t have the power to knock you down, just do it because of the Highest Power we all will meet one day.

Catch Your Dreams Before They Slip Away …!

Buy yourself a superbike, a great dinner, a trip-around-the-world, a dream car (while “they” still allow you to buy gasoline) or … a great hifi system!