Durobblog Herman van den Dungen | 15 november 2012 |  <   > |
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What’s New (in) Music?

New Music is our dealer in Bruxelles for D’Agostino, Audio Research, PrimaLuna, Sonus faber, MicroMega and some of our other quality audio brands.

Recently New Music invested in D’Agostino Momentum Mono Amplifiers and now they are waiting for the arrival of the D’Agostino Super Analog preamplifier.

Once the preamplifier is available, New Music is able to offer a unique amplification system.

Having the full Audio Research Reference line on demo, they felt they could not do without the new Reference DAC.

Those of you interested to expand their ARC Reference System, can already contact New Music, as the ARC Reference DAC is about to arrive in their shop in Bruxelles.